Stars and Stripes Heart Quilted Garden Flag



Size: 12.5″ x 18″

What it is made of: Nylon

Our take on this product:

A gorgeous country style design with star border features an heart with an American Flag inside of it. Evergreen Quilted Garden Flags are designed to add a homespun touch to your garden décor. Evergreen Quilted flags feature classic designs constructed using tight, detailed stitching. Quilted Flags are made by inserting a thin foam layer between two fabrics and stitched together to bring a heavy, luxurious quilted look. Evergreen garden flags are long lasting and can decorate your house or yard for a long time.

Other things to consider:

  • Quilted design for a heavy luxurious look
  • Indoor/outdoor fade resistant materials
  • Pairs perfectly with any of our hangers, stands and bases, all sold separately

In stock

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