Patriotic Floral Hot Air Balloon Spinner



Size: 15″ x 55″ x 15″
What it is made of: Nylon
Our take on this product:
Red and blue flowers against a white background to make a patriotic statement in your outdoor space. Add this Patriotic Floral Balloon Spinner to your outdoor decor and watch as it comes to life. The spinner takes on the unique form of a hot air balloon, making it the perfect eye-catching decorative accent. Designed to easily hang in your garden or on your patio or porch. Featuring a mesh panel and spiral tail to stay in motion, watch as this balloon spinner gracefully dances and twirls in the wind. The perfect decorative accent to get you and your family in the spirit for Independence Day and other patriotic celebrations.
Other things to consider:
A plastic spring mechanism locks into place to secure the design during windy conditions. Crafted from durable, weather-resistant nylon to bring joy for years to come.
  • A patriotic Balloon Spinner with floral patterns
  • Plastic spring mechanism locking into place to secure design during windy conditions
  • Material is weatherproof and outdoor safe

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