Cocopots, Set of 3



What better way to display your plants than with 12 natural and organic flower pots? Recycled and handcrafted using one hundred percent coconut fibre and designed to thrive in any climate due to a reinforced recycled plastic inner lining. The colourful flower and butterfly decor are recycled from used barrels making these stunning plant pots the perfect addition to your eco-friendly garden.

Dimensions (cm): H 45.5 x W 32.0 x D 22.0
Dimensions (in): H 17.9 x W 12.6 x D 8.7

Dimensions (cm): H 41.0 x W 19.0 x D 19.0
Dimensions (in): H 16.1 x W 7.5 x D 7.5

Dimensions (cm): H 34.0 x W 16.0 x D 16.0
Dimensions (in): H 13.4 x W 6.3 x D 6.3

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