Trowel & Error



“Sharon Lovejoy’s gardens bring forth food for the table and balm for the soul. She never forgets how much fun it is to play in the dirt, all the while revealing the wonder and excitement of all things green and growing.”—Mary Lou Finnegan, Producer, Public Radio International (Wisconsin)Sharon Lovejoy does for the the garden what Heloise or the Queen of Clean does for the household. Trowel & Error collects all of her homespun garden advice into an inviting, environmentally friendly, whimsically illustrated yet dead-on helpful book that will benefit every gardener, beginner or experienced. From urging the reader to take an occasional shower with houseplants to giving all-natural gardenside first aid, Trowel & Error is a direct line to the kind of practical wisdom that comes only after a lifetime of experience. The book is indexed by problem, plant, pest, and solution, and includes a list of tools and common household items—borax, cornmeal, vinegar—that completes the gardener’s arsenal.

  • 206 pages,
  • 6 x 7
  • full-color illustrations

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