Soak Salt: Bee Detoxified



Size: 2oz (one bath)

Ingredients: Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, dried lavender petals, dried peppermint lead, bentonite clay, bee pollen, lavender and peppermint essential oils

How to use:

Pour the entire vial of the soaking salts into the provided mesh pouches, tie it up and drop in in your tub. once you are done bathing throw the pouch away.

Our take on this product:

The mixture of mineral-rich sea salts, nourishing botanicals, clays, hydrating essential oils, and bee pollen gets poured into one of the included mesh soaking pouches and then dropped into your tub. After the ingredients dissolve in the warm water like a tea bag, you have an elegant bath that not only relaxes your muscles but moisturizes your skin. Try all six varieties to try, each made with different ingredients and specializing in different areas!

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