Layering Mat



What it is made of: Suede Polyester

Other things to consider:

  • Gorgeous mat for layering under your existing rug or alone
  • Anti-slip rubber backing
  • Indoor and outdoor safe
  • Dimensions: 42″W x 26.5″L x 0.08″H

Our take on this product:

Our sueded polyester layering mats are a perfect for adding a warm and cozy feel to your entryway. Layering mats are an easy decor option that can be used on their own or paired with one of our other mat options, such as sassafras trays and inserts or embossed mats. This layering mat will add a welcoming touch to any indoor or outdoor space.

We suggest pairing our layering mats with a Sassafras mat tray and insert, as a “customized for you” look and expression of your personality.


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