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Kids in the Kitchen is not your average cookbook. It’s a kids’ cookbook, memory book, and activity book all in one fun package. Fill in the blanks, make a craft, cook, eat, and most importantly, have fun.

Monkeys, Oh My
If you had a pet monkey…what will your kids say? You’ll discover this silly question plus many more fun, fill-in-the-blank pages inside. Afterwards, have the kids record their answers. When they’re older, the cookbook will make a great keepsake. Whenever you cook out of the book, you’ll always remember the times you and your children shared together when they were younger.

Flubber & Finger Paints
Kids in the Kitchen is also full of fun craft activities that kids will enjoy making over and over again. Presently, slime is all the rage. Try the recipe for Flubber for an easy toy your kids will play with days on end. They might also like the Edible Aquarium or the Homemade Finger Paints. Of course, these quick crafts make an average day exciting. They are also the perfect excuse to spend time together as a family in the kitchen.

Fun with Food
In addition to questionnaires and crafts, Kids in the Kitchen is also a cookbook. In fact, the book is full of fun recipes for snacks and meals that kids will want to have every night of the week. For example, kids will love the recipe for Granny Goose Popcorn, your standard popcorn with a sweet and colorful twist. Speaking of popcorn, the entire family will enjoy the Popcorn Cake recipe. Other exciting recipes include Bugs in a Boat, Kids’ Confetti Cake, Monster Mouths, and Zebra Stripe Cookies. Your family will be having so much fun in the kitchen, they’ll probably enjoy prepping their creations just as much as they do eating them.

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