Hemingway Skin Repair



Heasl and transform dry, rough and callused hands, feet, elbows, knees, head, and face. Perfect for gardeners, outdoor adventurers and those exposed to harsh environmental conditions (prolonged sun exposure, pollution, arid climates, etc.). Formulated for areas that need extra attention, this buttery-rich, intensive emollient contains an extremely effective, 10% level of organic African Shea butter, proven to heal and transform extra-dry, chapped and cracked areas into supple, revitalized skin.

Size: Large – 6.7 oz | 200 ml
Scent: Unscented – No fragrance added.
Jar: Frosted Black Recycled Plastic
How long it should last: Dependant on use, may last up to 1 year.
How to use: Massage this cream into areas that need extra attention, particularly on dry, chapped, even cracked skin needing extra moisture, protection, healing and soothing.

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