Catch a Frog Croc Chasey



Age Recommendation: 2+

What it is made of: Eco-friendly bioplastics

Each set includes: Includes 1x snappy toothed, bioplastic crocodile, 7x floaty foam frogs

Our take on this product: 

Kids will have a whale of a time in the tub splashing, scooping and catching as many frogs as they can with this super snappy-toothed bath crocodile! Brilliant for pretend play, this cute croc bath toy can be maneuvered to capture the vibrantly colored, illustrated foam frogs. Water pressure will raise Croc’s jaw to open when submerged in water with a forward movement. Lifting Croc to the surface again will close their jaw once more!

Other things to consider: 

  • Toddler bath toy perfect for pretend play
  • Encourages grip strength development and hand-eye coordination

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