Bright Spot Purse Light


  • It’s dark. Meaning it’s prime time to misplace your keys because they’ve inched their way into the farthest corner of your purse. (You think.) You fumble for your phone to launch the flashlight app & attempt to balance your cavernous purse (Why did you buy that slouchy hobo? Why?) on your uplifted knee while holding the phone with one hand & purse diving with the other hand. If it sounds like you’re trapped in a bad infomercial, you’re not. This is real life, people.
  • We’ve got a bright idea. Loop Bright Spot with the removable strap onto your purse, backpack, or bag. Press the button once for immediate light & banish the dark.
  • The uses don’t end with your tote. Any space needing an extra ray of light benefits from Bright Spot. They look remarkable as wine glass charms & party favors at your evening garden party or wedding reception. And they double as safety lights (press the button twice for the blink) when worn while running or wrapped around your handlebars for nighttime biking. Brilliant.
  • Materials: Eco-Friendly Silicone + ABS + Electronic Component + CR2032 Battery (2 pcs).
  • Product dimensions: 1.375” dia x .625” light with 6.5” long strap.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

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